20th Century Baseball
Baseball fan? Sit this puppy on the coffee table and hide all those ugly remotes inside.  OR.   Co e home and empty your pockets into this bad boy.  Wallet, keys, phone, chapstick, stun gun, cigarettes.   No more "Honey!  Where's my keys?"
$ 64.95
Arizona Ames by Zane Grey - Ruger LCP
Ultra detailed, form fitting cutout for your Ruger LCP with or without Crimson Trace Laser. A whole new level of customization has begun. Nobody else in the world offers a case like this.
$ 45.00 $ 59.00
Building Citizenship "junk book"
Hey Citizen! ITM! Here's one of our new junk books. Take all the junk out of your pockets "at the end of the day" and load this book up. You'll always know where your stuff is. Everyday.  The unique design allows this book to lay flat for extended periods and not have the cover deform.
$ 35.00
Grow It Indoors
That’s right. Tomatoes all year long.  Super thin edges on this one.
$ 45.00
Lee's Last Campaign by Clifford Dowdy
Vintage book from a local estate sale. Buy it before the government makes us take it off the web.
$ 35.99 $ 45.00
Martha Stewart Glock Cookbook
Cut to fit a full sized Glock so it will also hold any smaller Glock as well. Bonus storage cutout included.
$ 65.00 $ 85.00
Music Box. Box Book.
Another one of our new junk books. Empty your pockets at the end of the day into this bad boy. The cover has a unique wrap around magnetic closure. The big hole is 5.5 x 3.8 x 1.25"
$ 45.00 $ 55.00
Reamde by Neal Stephenson
A best selling author and title.  Made hollow for you with dust jacket.
$ 45.00 $ 55.00
Reamde For Glock Compact 19/23
A best selling author and title.  Made into a wicked awesome guncase for your Glock Compact or SubCompact. Includes dust jacket. Storage pocket bonus!
$ 64.99 $ 85.00
TEXAS Glock Compact with extra Mag

All new Design! A custom Case for your sidearm.  Any Compact or SubCompact Glock will fit.  Extra magazine slot now included. 

$ 75.00
The Collected Arthur C. Clarke Glock Compact
This book was cut by hand. As you can see, it holds a Compact Glock perfectly and leaves lots of room to spare. Or a pair of lovely birthday socks.  The hole is 8 x 5 x 1.5"  Ole A.C.C. was one of our all time favorite authors and thinkers.
$ 49.00 $ 65.00
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

Includes The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest and The Girl Who Played With Fire. All three books are hollowed out. A stunning presentation that stood out immediately when we saw it at the bookstore. Also includes an un-hollowed smaller book about the author Stieg Larsson to complete the set.

You get THREE hollow books and a display case!

$ 95.00 $ 139.00
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
this one is already cut out and ready to ship. Who's been nice and who's been Nazi? Santa knows. A popular book that we see often at estate sales around here.
$ 34.99 $ 45.00
The Spy Glock Compact or SubCompact
Ready to ship. Perfect for your small or mid sized Glock.
$ 49.00 $ 65.00
Tom Clancy Under Fire Walther PPS M2
Designed for the 7+1 magazine and the gun with that mag installed.
$ 75.00
Under Fire by Tom Clancy Glock Mid/Mini

Custom  designed to fit your Glock compact or subcompact  with extra storage cutout added  



$ 64.99 $ 85.00
Under Fire by Tom Clancy S&W M&P9c case
This quick draw case is custom tailored to hold your M&P9c like a glove. The dust jacket is permanently attached.  You're the only one who will know the secret of this book.
$ 59.00 $ 65.00