Tips to Place a Custom Book Order

We can hollow out your book just about any way you want, but to start we need to know just what you want to put in there.

Firearm books are cut to exact manufacturer specifications when available. Many great gun pics are available online and if you want us to find one for you just say so in the description. For most models we can find the measurements as well.

We have cut books for everything under the sun.

Some examples..... Phones, Tablets,  Flasks,  Wallets, Engagement Ring Boxes, Wedding Invitations, IPods, Flash Drives etc

We have been part of 8-10 engagements worldwide and that's pretty groovy we think. 

However, if you just want a big rectangle, we can do that too.

The main information we need about your item is the length, width, and thickness. It's important to provide the best measurements you can to insure proper fit.  Feel free to give yourself a little breathing room if you aren't sure about your measuring skills and are not too concerned with a snug fit. 

Some Examples

Extra Gun Magazine cutout

Finger hole cutouts on either side of the gun grip

Leave 1/4" of pages in the front of the book unglued or just a few.

Make this ( ) specific page number showing as the last page when you open the book to the cutout section. This page would be on the left hand side. 

Add a magnetic closure to the cover ( all pages must be cut for this)

I want to send you a photo to place on the back cover so it can show through the cutout.

Use your imagination and just ask us if we can do it.  The worst we can say is no.

Providing us with an image of your item goes a long way towards helping us accurately hollow out your book. Take a picture of your item laying on a flat surface on a piece of standard white paper and good lighting. Take the photo at a straight down angle so that the top of your item is the only thing visible. Crooked pictures can create mis-shapen cutouts just like poor measurements will.

We often have people just draw an outline of their item and send it to us with measurements. That works great but isn't necessary. We can computerize it just the same. 

With a well taken photo and good measurements we rarely make mistakes but we stand behind every book we make and in those rare occurrences we will fix or replace it. 

Costs can vary from order to order, but generally we can process your order for around $65 to $100. Most gun books are $85 to $100 depending on options asked for. If you just want a plain rectangle cutout, most books are $45 depending on our cost for that book. 

Most orders are turned around in less than a week, but please let us know if you have a special time frame in mind during checkout.