About Custom Hollow Book Company

This venture began nearly ten years ago in 2006 when the founder made his first hollow book in a tiny storage building with nothing more than an Exacto knife and a dim light bulb.  You have probably seen someone use a hollowed out book in a movie or on television show to hide something.  The Shawshank Redemption - The Matrix - James Bond, From Russia With Love - Escape From Alcatraz for example.

The founder did an Internet search and found out how to make one for himself. It wasn't perfect but it worked. After making three or four more, requests came in from friends and family to create others. Slowly the process of making them became more refined and a simple website was constructed to sell them. The website wasn't good at all but a few did sell.  One day an email came arrived from a college student in Alaska who found that website and took pity on the founders obvious lack of website building skills. Being a fan of the products and developing g his own portfolio of work, he graciously offered to build a new website for free, which was awesome. Sales started to grow immediately thanks to the new user friendly site and addition of a real checkout system. 

New types of books were being offered now with various designs and purposes.  There were books to hold phones, iPads and eventually guns.  The gun books proved to be quite popular and one day an editor from a gun magazine requested one for review.  The book was featured in the magazine a few months later and business swelled to a point that orders couldn't be filled fast enough.  The gun books were now the main focus.

The decision was made to invest in the concept in 2015 and that worn out exacto knife was replaced by high tech machinery and software that have made it possible to create hollow books of unprecedented quality and detail.  The specifications from gun manufacturers are used to carefully create detailed outlines of any gun and these are input to our new machine and your unique gun case is made. Look around and you'll find that nobody else in the world can offer our level of detail and customization.  Trust us, we looked and we asked our competition. Turns out, we don't have any competition.