Arizona Ames by Zane Grey - Ruger LCP
Ultra detailed, form fitting cutout for your Ruger LCP with or without Crimson Trace Laser. A whole new level of customization has begun. Nobody else in the world offers a case like this.
$ 45.00 $ 59.00
Average American Boy Glock cover
Heres a unique product we designed to cover your Glock compact or SubCompact while sitting on a flat surface. Just lift the book to expose your weapon.  Also makes a great display piece that’s sure to invite conversations.
$ 49.00
Command Authority by Tom Clancy
Big enough to hold a compact or SubCompact Glock with a bunch of room for other things. The hole is  5” wife 7.8” tall.
$ 55.00
Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy Glock
Made to hold any compact or SubCompact Glock perfectly. Includes an extra storage space for whatever.
$ 69.00
The Army of the Potomac a - Ruger LCP .380
Nearly thick enough to hold two LCPs inside. With or without an installed Crimson Trace Laser. A classic book repurposed. A new level of customization and detail that is unparalleled. If you don't show this to your friends........well....they're going to find out about us eventually.
$ 39.00 $ 59.00
The Collected Arthur C. Clarke Glock Compact
This book was cut by hand. As you can see, it holds a Compact Glock perfectly and leaves lots of room to spare. Or a pair of lovely birthday socks.  The hole is 8 x 5 x 1.5"  Ole A.C.C. was one of our all time favorite authors and thinkers.
$ 49.00 $ 65.00
The Spy Glock Book 23 / 19

by Clive Cussler.  Made to hold you Compact Glock or SubComact Glock.  Easy pull finger holes astride the grip cutout. Not made for any other gun.  This design has been refined over and over again.  It's a factory fit. 

$ 55.00 $ 65.00
The Zero Game by Brad Meltzer S&W M&P9c case
We made this gem with amazing detail to house your Smith and Wesson M&P9c.  It's just so cool.
$ 65.00
Threat Vector by Tom Clancy Glock
Made to hold any compact or sub-compact Glock.  Extra cubby hole for whatever.
$ 69.00
Tom Clancy Under Fire Walther PPS M2
Designed for the 7+1 magazine and the gun with that mag installed.
$ 75.00
Under Fire by Tom Clancy Glock Mid/Mini

Custom  designed to fit your Glock compact or subcompact  with extra storage cutout added  



$ 64.99 $ 85.00
Under Fire by Tom Clancy S&W M&P9c case
This quick draw case is custom tailored to hold your M&P9c like a glove. The dust jacket is permanently attached.  You're the only one who will know the secret of this book.
$ 59.00 $ 65.00